Less talk, more action

I really hate it when companies and businesses talk a good game but do not live up to all the junk they speak.

  • This is how one of the local heating and air conditioning companies are in my area.

I will not name drop the area in which I live nor the heat and a/c company because I am not like that. However, I just wanted to use this as an example to any business out there that sells themselves as one thing and can not live up to the standards they advertise themselves as. For instance, this heating and air conditioning company I am mentioning claims they are always there for you twenty four hours a day and seven days a week for all and any emergency heat and a/c repair calls. Well, this is all depending if they have the HVAC workers and staff available at the time of your heating and air conditioning emergency! It is not guaranteed. If they knew what they were doing and wanted to live up to their sales pitch, they would hire more heating and cooling workers to have everything covered all the time. But did they think to do this? Nope. That is just being ultra careless and thinking more about sales pitching than actually delivering the perks they are advertising. I wish that heating and air conditioning company would show some action here, cause I for one could have used emergency heat and a/c repair a few times in the past and had to wait till next day and stay at a hotel for the night!


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