It was funny looking back

My babies were gleeful to meet their Aunt years ago, although she was not staying long.

I had asked my little sibling to come to the house for only a few hours although she was in so much of a hurry that the best she could do was meet us very quickly at a joint she knew.

This was a job trip plus she was in our city with her new work colleagues who would notice if she disappeared for too long. Since she was newly employed at a new place, she tried her best to be in most people’s superb books lest she loses the brand new opportunity, plus it was a superb 1… Reluctantly, I agreed to meet her at the little b&b she was staying at. She wanted to see the girl so I brought them along, then unluckily for us, the AC in the room had broken down plus she managed a small old-looking fan that barely kept anyone cool. I kept fanning myself plus complaining about the horrible heat but my sibling kept saying it was only for a few hours. After all the excitement faded, my babies began to complain of the weather in her place. Nila advocated that the two of us go down to the restaurant plus grab a tasty bite for the adolescents plus some coffee for us. However, this was an even worse plan for us as the restaurant was crowded plus too hot for comfort. Eventually, the two of us got our food plus take it to the car. At least the car’s AC was finally working perfectly. I was glad to see Nila but would never command the little BNB she insisted on staying at. Thank god, she has since been promoted plus is in fact finally working as 1 of the executives at her company now. Both of us joked about her visit years back plus she cannot help but laugh at her hot beginnings.

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