I used to have a fresh fruit garden

Long time ago when I was a kid, my grandparents had a fresh fruit garden.

Multiple apple and orange trees, and a lot of berry bushes too.

My favorite were the strawberries. My grandparents had an entire row of strawberry plants, and I always looked forward to going and picking them when they were ripe. Whenever it was harvest season, my grandparents would have me go out and start collecting all of the fruits with them. I always loved and dreaded these days. I loved them because of all of the sweet fruit I was going to be getting. I have always been a big fruit lover, and I loved eating all of the different kinds of fruit. The part I dreaded though was usually the heat. Harvest season takes place in the summer, and it is always close to 90 degrees outside. Since harvesting all of the fruits can take hours, I was drenched in sweat afterwards. As much as I would have loved to go inside and enjoy the cooling system, my grandparents wouldn’t let me have a break yet. After all of the fruit was collected, we gave away free fruit to our neighbors and friends. During the overheated hours, the only things that kept me going was eating some of the fruit and knowing I could rest next to the air conditioner when I was done. Finally after all that, I was finally allowed to rest. And rest I would. I would purposely sit next to the air conditioning vents, and feel the cooling air hit my face. Then I would eat more of the sweet fruits. I usually fall asleep next to the A/C vents too. Good times.


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