I couldn’t get time off from work for the A/C tune-up

I was kind of worried about what my boss would say when I told him I had to get an A/C tune-up before the hot season.

I just knew he was going to tell me I couldn’t take any time off because we were busier than ever at our company. Also, we have been short of staff lately and my boss has been pushing for overtime hours non-stop. I have put in numerous overtime hours. I even thought I would tell the boss I would give even more overtime hours and maybe he would let me have the morning for an A/C tune-up, because I didn’t want to get into the summer season and have the A/C system fail on me at the worst possible time. So I spoke to my boss about this idea and he said absolutely not. I was not surprised, but he explained it was that he just needed me at this time to be there for the whole time to help with the enormous workloads. Okay, I get it, so I decided to improvise. I ended up buying one of those video systems to monitor the home and you can also communicate via the intercom. I had everything set up with my phone so I could greet the HVAC professional on my break at work. It was the only thing I could come up with because I wasn’t about to pass up on my A/C maintenance. Everything actually ended up going smoothly. I was able to greet the HVAC professional when he arrived and I told him where to find the key I left for him. He took care of the A/C job and gave me a report on the work he did. He did great work too and put the key back in the right hiding spot.

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