I always wanted to work for myself as an Heating & Air Conditioning company

I’m an Heating & Air Conditioning company, & yup I am certified.

I always number one to do things on my own & I never wanted to have to report to anybody else.

I basically run my own Heating & Air Conditioning company but it’s only me. I have my work truck that holds all my tools & component that I need to transfer around. At times when I do major Heating & Air Conditioning method installs, I might hire a couple of other companys just to help me out. I guess everything that needs to be done & how to do it all, I just sometimes need some extra hands with all the heavy lifting, & there is plenty of that in my line of work. It’s funny because this genre of work always came natural to me, ever since my uncle started teaching me when I was a youngster how to maintain Heating & Air Conditioning systems & substitute worn parts. I wanted to have my own company & be legit, so I went to an Heating & Air Conditioning trade school naturally. I excelled in the school & my Heating & Air Conditioning professors were quite impressed with how I retained the know-how. I’m cheerful I went to do that because I l acquired so much & I use all that information I l acquired in my day to day projects. I savor to help people help themselves too; Like the other day a client was complaining that his A/C wasn’t cooling actually well. The issue was that his A/C condenser unit was jammed up with debris. I explained that he had to clear the debris from the unit & he could simply use a spray nozzle to wipe it all off. I just told him to be careful not to bend the fin coils. I also said he could entirely use a fin coil brush to straighten them out. This is easy stuff, but makes such a crucial difference. His A/C was ice-cold by the time both of us were done cleaning everything out.
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