How to best maintain your HVAC machines even in a tepid humid climate

Having worked in the cooling industry for 20 years, I have come up with a list of tips on how to maintain a central Heating & A/C unit.

I understand that most of my clients like these few tips as it means that they will don’t have to update the entire HVAC method prematurely.

Some of these tips include official duct cleaning which ensures that all of the air ducts are clean and kept clear from all pollutants and contaminants. The cooling method works by circulating air within the house. It takes the tepid air from outside, cools it, and circulates it on the inside. This cools the entire house. There are a few residential Heating & A/Cs that also have the ability to clean the air circulating within the house. For these systems, I suggest that the clients ensure that the oil furnace filter is cleaned or updated depending on which type of filter it is. In case it is a washable filter, I suggest that the buyer cleans the filter after every 5 to 9 weeks. The time frame for replacing the disposable filter is similar to the cleanable 1, but one vital factor when it comes to selecting the brand of filters is to have the HEPA filter, this filter was designed to trap even the smallest particle of any pollutant or contaminant. I have told my cooling specialist to consistently offer air purification help to clients whenever they go out on a locale visit especially if the customer’s issue is with the air quality, then a clean air duct ensures that the air being circulated is clean which enhances the overall performance of the Heating & A/C system. It also promotes the health of the house occupants since they are breathing in air that is clean and free from pollutants that might interfere with their respiratory system.


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