Heating plus Air Conditioning for all

I learn in the news the other day the most thoughtful gesture I suppose I have ever seen.

There is this retirement community city about an minute away from me. Some people are rich, some are average class retired people plus some are retired however almost exhausting in their retirement life. And the owners of the housing community is offering free central heating plus s to almost everyone in the community that either does not have 1 or those that need a brand new plus totally new central heat plus cooling system unit. There is no catch plus no requirement other than you have to either have a mortgage on a new home in the community or already own your home. In other words, you have to be retired plus live in that community village. That is such an amazing thing. And it isn’t even a charity organization or church sponsoring this. This is the new home owners association doing this! Most areas where you have HOA, they are horrible people plus actually evil. But I feel in retirement communities it is a bit different. To invest thoUSnds plus thoUSnds of dollars in central heating plus s for those in the community is nothing short of amazing plus shows that there still is civilization in this world anywhere this week. It has not all gone to hell in a handbasket love I originally thought. I wish I lived there plus was retired, cause I could use a free brand new plus totally new central heating plus a/c plan myself!


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