Getting interested in HVAC systems right from school

The major reason why I love studying at the Wheelscot senior school is their variety in co-curricular activities and clubs, however school usually ends at 3:45 pm and until 5 pm, the two of us are allowed to participate in co-curricular activities! The instructor on duty supervises the activities and ensures that each student participates.

This being the start of the fall semester, one of our school-related resolutions was to learn more about heating.

I was happy to learn that the administration had hired a heating worker to lecture us on the heating business. Joseph the serviceman, provided us with a short introduction of what he was going to teach for the next 4weeks plus some of the practicals. Immediately after class that Tuesday, I rushed to the clubhouse. The serviceman was accompanied by a heating corporation from the homeowner solution organization. The lesson was on how to identify quality heating and A/C equipment. The corporation showcased some new heating and A/C equipment. The lesson was short so the serviceman decided to supply a brief demonstration on how to perform boiler repairs on the school’s aging boiler. Sunday, the last day of the school week, the two of us took a visit to the store. The topic for the day was gas furnace service. The two of us were directed to the gas furnace where the serviceman shared a few tips on servicing. Clearly, the service was due as the quality heating was off, and he illustrated how to repair the geo heat pump and how to operate a Wi-Fi thermostat. The weeks that followed were a bit intense. The two of us got to visit one of the largest manufacturers. The two of us were spectators to the servicemen maintaining the units. I was proud of myself for having achieved our goal and crossing off our resolution.


Getting interested in HVAC systems right from school

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