Flower Shop Needs Cold A/C

Luckily, business has been great, so I began a savings plan to buy a new cooling system

I run a flower shop in a small city, and business is booming! I’ve got flowers coming out of my ears, and I always make sure to keep a steady inventory, especially for my regulars. Special events like weddings, banquets, and high school proms keep me busy, and at least one person stops by every day to buy a dozen roses. Some for an anniversary or birthday, others just because. Running a flower shop (especially a successful one) requires more logistics than you might think. Obviously, flowers wilt and lose their petals over time, and they don’t have an outstanding shelf life. Keeping the shop and the storage area cool is paramount, and the temperature in the shop never surpasses 68 degrees. Luckily, I have an outstanding HVAC technician who services the system once per month. She examines all the ducts for leaks, performs diagnostics on the air handler, and upgrades the software on the thermostat to keep my system up and running. She also provides awesome tips for improving the cooling system’s efficiency, and she’s helped me save a lot on my energy bill. Right now, I’m saving up for a complete air conditioning system replacement; I talked it over with the technician, and my ducts are only going to hold up for so long. Luckily, business has been great, so I began a savings plan to buy a new cooling system. The HVAC technician helped me make informed choices about the new A/C system, and made sure that I picked a reliable system within my budget. I’m grateful for her expertise, and I’m looking forward to a new cooling system!
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