Fall is best

I love where I live.

The air quality here is nothing short of amazing.

Especially in the fall months of the year. Not only do you have the most perfect air quality, but also the climate itself and the temperatures are so perfect you have absolutely no need for any central heating and air conditioning system! Not many places in the country have this luxury. It is either the central air conditioning or the central heating that you are using on a daily basis. There is never any perfect temperatures at any point in the year. But here in the fall months, we are lucky to have it so perfect that opening the windows is all you need. Even if you have a whole home air purification system or portable air purifier that you use, you will not need it this time of year either. No heating, no air conditioning and no air purification needed. I wish the whole world was like this area I live in. I wish everyone would be able to experience the greatness that I call home in the fall months of the year. I know when the time is right because it usually happens around middle of September. At this time you can turn off the central air conditioning and turn off any air purifiers. The sign is when you go outside and take a deep breath and can actually smell the air. That is how you know you are good to go without central air conditioning or any kind of air purification. It is so darn wonderful!



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