Don’t leave HVAC repairs to anyone but an HVAC professional

Money sure got tight for us this past year.

  • I guess a pandemic will do that.

Both my wife and I were lucky to keep our jobs but we had to work from home in the air conditioning. We also had to take pay cuts that were pretty steep. That meant a whole lot of belt tightening when it came to expenses. The first thing we did was to only spend on essentials. That was a good start. And then we started targeting things that could save us money. One thing that we had been meaning to address for some time was the heating and cooling costs. Well really, more the HVAC cooling costs. We live in a region where we have a heat pump that provides our heating and cooling. However, our winter is really mild so the heat pump doesn’t have to do much work in the heating department. But come early spring, the HVAC cooling kicks on. By the time summer gets here, the heat pump is running night and day. So last year, we decided to really be disciplined in our thermostat setting since were were at home anyway. This ended up saving us hundreds of dollars. That was great until we had an HVAC issue that required a repair. We almost went with a local handyman to save money. But neither of us felt right about anybody but a licensed and certified HVAC professional messing with our heat pump. Cost cutting should come at the expense of taking care of essential HVAC equipment. So we called the HVAC company and made the appointment for the repair.
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