Delan and his football friends had a tough summer season

Delan has played football since he was seasoned enough to run with a ball. He’s in public school now, but he never stopped engaging; Delan plays at school, he’s on a travel team, and he even takes the pitch in the boiling summer season. Delan’s parents live in a climate where it’s boiling year-round, so summer seasons are savage there. Most people can’t walk from the front door of their bungalows to the car without sweating all over! Last summer’s football season was particularly savage, with a weekend competition that will never be forgotten by Delan and his friends. This was a 3-day tournament during the summer season, and it hadn’t rained for quite some time. The location was also going through a heat wave, with heat indexes reaching 110 degrees! The competition lasted all afternoon, for 3 days. Delan played at least 3 games throughout the event. On day one of the competition, the team went home with Delan’s folks to cool down and grab some pretzels. The parents had never seen anyone loving an air conditioner vent the way these kids did that afternoon! They crowded in front of the vents, trying their hardest to get a small amount of cool, dry air. Whenever the fan would turn off once the room reached the temperature set on the smart thermostat, they would whine and ask Delan’s parents to turn it down. Lucky for them, they had a pretty efficient cooling system, so didn’t mind cranking down the temperature. The boiling heat went on for the next 2 days of the tournament, and the team came back to Delan’s place at the end of every afternoon to worship at the altar of our aircon unit.

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