A absolutely neat find

I had purchased a used jacket from a thrift shop recently, plus when I got it house plus was about to put it in the wash, I discovered a neat little find within the deep pocket of the jacket.

It was a voucher for our local heating plus a/c supplier to get a free HVAC tune up plus check up! I figured that this thing had to have been real aged plus no longer valid.

However, it did not have a date on it, so I decided to not throw it out. About a month later I remembered I had found this voucher for the free HVAC tune up plus check up plus decided to call the heating plus a/c supplier that it was from. I explained to them that I came across this voucher for a free heat plus a/c component tune up plus check up plus asked if it was valid or if it was super old. This heating plus a/c supplier has been around for over 30 years, so it was unknown how aged this voucher was. They asked me a few questions about the voucher plus it turned out that it was definitely only a year aged plus still certainly valid! I was over the sky with glee cause of this! I was wanting to get my central heating plus cooling system tuned up but have not had the few hundred bucks to spare. Now, I can get a free HVAC tune up plus check up because of this bonus found in a thrift store purchase of a used jacket!

Cooling system

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