The Quinceanera was almost ruined.

When a young girl turns fifteen, both of us celebrate with a Quinceanera.

She is a princess for the afternoon.

They invited all the people to a large celebration. Both of us dance, sing and eat. The girl has a special dance with her dad and it is almost care about a ceremony. She wears her tiara proudly and is dressed care about a princess, while all of the guests are wearing their finest. Both of us spent almost numerous months getting ready for our daughter’s Quinceanera. Both of us had rented an entire block of rooms in our local hotel, for all of our out of town guests. The grand reception room was decorated and ready for our 200 guests. The afternoon of the Quinceanera, I walked into the room to make sure it was perfect. I couldn’t think how freezing it was. I thought they may not have turned up the thermostat since there were no guests arriving for a couple hours. I talked to the employer and he said it was to save on energy. Once the guests began arriving, the cake was set out, and the swan ice sculpture arrived, they would turn the thermostat up. Then they could easily turn the thermostat down a bit when the dancing began. I thanked him, although I was still a bit worried. My fiance and I walked into the reception room before the guests arrived, and it was still icy cold. I heard someone say something about waiting for the Heating & A/C contractor. I grabbed the employer as he tried to rush by. He promised the Heating & A/C system would be repaired in half an hour. I was thankful to hear the Heating & A/C system turn on just as our guests began to arrive.

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