The cold and snow delayed the pigskin game

It was the best use of $50 and that the two of us might have ever spent

My kid plays pigskin for the high school team. My husband and I are very proud of his accomplishments; He started on the high school team as a freshman. He trained strenuous throughout the entire Summer before his freshman year and the strenuous work paid off when he was chosen first string for the defensive position. My husband and I went to every single a single of the pigskin games while in his freshman year and the two of us entirely cheered for our son. Both of us were the loudest parents in the bleachers. Both of us still go to all of John’s games. He is a junior this year and he already has some school scouts talking. The pigskin team has a chance of making the state playoffs this year for the first time. The coach found a very talented and gifted quarterback and the young guy has a chance to take this team to the playoffs! Last Wednesday night, the two of us played a single of the toughest games on the schedule and the two of us were ahead when the game was delayed because of snow. My husband and I were in the stands seeing John play. It was about 25 degrees outside, but thankfully the two of us had a small battery operated heating system under our legs. My husband purchased the battery operated heating system from a camping store. It was the best use of $50 and that the two of us might have ever spent. The heating system makes it possible for us to enjoy the game without shivering the whole time, then several other parents have furnaces as well. It was twenty degrees outside when it started snowing. The referees tried to keep the lines clean, but the snow was falling so hastily that the game had to be delayed.

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