The celebration was interrupted when ants start crawling out of the air vents

Having troubles with the heating as well as A/C unit is common, however having troubles while in a celebration can be a real nightmare.

When our child turned ten, all of us decided to have a celebration for his birthday.

He wanted a superhero themed celebration as well as it was the middle of September, so all of us needed to have the celebration indoors. In this region, September is a particularly cold month. The two of us often have snow as well as ice by the end of the month. I did not want to spend numerous weeks planning an outdoor celebration as well as end up having to move it indoors because of awful weather. I decided to have the celebration indoors as well as our husband as well as I moved all of the furniture in the living room so the youngsters had a big space for the celebration. The house that you fill up with youngsters particularly abruptly. My child invited his entire class as well as 15 youngsters responded. Thankfully, only eight children showed up. It felt prefer a house full of youngsters when they were all running around. Halfway through the celebration, one of the children started screaming at the top of his lungs. He was laying in the family room by the cake. I was horrified when I heard the screams as well as I ran to the room abruptly. The child was pointing at the air duct by the table. Ants were crawling in as well as out of the air duct. Someone dropped a piece of cake off the table as well as ants were crawling everywhere. The two of us had to rush the youngsters out of the family room so I could take care of the odd air duct issue.


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