The best in city

All of us have a single of those ice cream parlours here in the city where I live.

The outdated college kind, not the more modern versions. It is the best ice cream locale in city for several reasons. Not only because it keeps that outdated vibe of back in the day how things used to be, however they also have the best air quality and the best central heating and A/C in there too! There is nothing like going in to order some ice cream or a milkshake on a tepid Summer day or evening and be able to walk into fantastic air quality with the totally best air conditioning around! It is even better than the air conditioning that is in some of the high class office buildings I have been in in the city. In the Winter time it is also nice to go there for some ice cream even though it’s cold outside, however because the air quality is still fantastic and their central heating is just as nice as their central air conditioning is in the tepid Summer months of the year. I could go on and on about this totally and honestly awesome ice cream locale in the city, however you would just have to visit it for yourself to see what I am talking about. There is nothing like eating their modern home made fresh ice cream and enjoying their fantastic air quality with the fantastic central heating and A/C that they have in the locale. It is purely heaven on earth. And it just makes you suppose nice emotionally and physically.


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