It was too boiling to be nice.

My sister and I had been living together ever since Pop died and left the house to the 2 of us.

Both of us got along entirely well, unless there was a major problem.

Both of us tended to take our aggravation out on each other. The nicest part of the house deal was that it was a double house, and both of us each had our own apartment. The worst part of the deal was that both of us shared the Heating & A/C system along with the house. When a single of us lost heating or a/c, both of us both lost heating and a/c. Both of us couldn’t go visit and get away from the heat or cold. I was at work when the a/c quit working. I worked in a hospital and I worked twelve hour shifts. When I got home, all I wanted to do was relax, and take a cool shower. My sister worked an more than seven hour shift in the billing department. She had been apartment almost many hours before I was and she knew the a/c had quit working. I was so aggravated when I walked into a hot, humid apartment, that I knocked on her door. I didn’t even have the occasion to say hi before she yelled at me. I told her to calm down and asked if she had called the Heating & A/C company. When she told myself and others she was waiting for myself and others to get home, I flipped. She told myself and others to calm down, and I told her it was too boiling to be nice. Ten seconds later, I called the Heating & A/C company and the repair contractor was repairing the AC component within an hour. Had she called when she got home, neither of us would have needed to be uncomfortable.


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