He worked all day long, but he got nothing done.

Last week, I had to call my HVAC company. I had a service technician at the house, doing some minor repairs to the air conditioning unit. I couldn’t understand why he had been outside for three hours now, and yet nothing was done. I saw him pull a handkerchief from his pocket and made a big deal out of wiping off the perspiration. He waved his hat in front of his face, and downed a bottle of water. Five minutes later, he asked if he could use my bathroom. My husband stood outside the bathroom door when he went in, because he thought the HVAC tech was acting oddly. When he came out of the bathroom, my husband checked the medicine cabinet, but all was well. An hour later, he was sitting on the ground eating his lunch. I called the HVAC company and told them how he had been languishing in our backyard for almost four hours and all I needed was a minor repair. I wanted to know why he was just hanging out? Five minutes later, I saw him on his phone and he looked aggravated. His voice got louder and then he packed up his tools, got into his service van, and took off. The HVAC company called and told me they had another HVAC technician at the house within half an hour. I assumed the first man had just lost his job. The second technician arrived, and within twenty minutes, he had repaired the air conditioning unit and it was blowing cool air again. He handed me the bill with NC written in big red letters, across the front of the bill.

hvac tune-up

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