Check the light

When your smart thermostat starts giving you troubles and you think it is about to break down, the first thing you want to do is go over to it and look for a red light that will be on.

What this red light means on the smart thermostat that I have is that the battery is low and it is time to change it within 48 hours.

If you chose to ignore it, your smart thermostat will stop working and so will your central heating and air conditioner system equipment until you go and change the battery. Some people do not even think that the smart thermostat is ran on a common AA battery. 4 of them to be exact (at least that what it is in our smart thermostat). When I first had our smart thermostat and the batteries went for the first time, I will never forget the lesson I l acquired by wasting a few hundred dollars on calling the local heating and air conditioner company to send out a certified heat and cooling system specialist to service our central Heating and A/C system. When in fact nothing was wrong with the central heating and air conditioner unit. It was simply that our smart thermostat needed to have the batteries replaced! After learning that rather overpriced lesson, I am telling everyone I think that has a smart thermostat about the batteries in the event they do not think this. Some looked at myself and others as if I was stupid as they knew about it, and thought everyone should. But a few were just love myself and others and had no clue!

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