All work and no play

It seems as if I have been working a lifetime.

A lifetime with no break.

I work in the heating and air conditioning field as the business manager for a very well known heat and a/c company here in town. And my paper work seems to be never ending! They have so much HVAC related business going on it boggles the mind. I had worked as a business manager for other heat and a/c companies in the past, and the paper work there was nothing compared to these people. What I do need is a break. I need to take a mini vacation or something for a week. Even if it us just sitting at home doing absolutely nothing. I am starting to get that work burn out feeling with all this heating and air conditioning paper work daily. Sometimes, there is so much to do to keep the books of this heating and air conditioning company balanced, that I have to work some weekends. And when I say weekends I mean both saturday and sundays! No break at all! It is a good thing that I am not married or have any kind of family. It would be hard to have a work/life balance at this point with what I am having to do for this heating and air conditioning company. I am actually going to go to my boss sometime this coming week to see when the next opened time to take a week off would be. Hopefully, I will get good news and find out that I can do it later this month!



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