We’ve been riding bikes all our lives and enjoying A/C breaks

Ever since my buddies and I were youngsters, we have enjoyed riding our bikes around the area.

When we were young, we had our old school pedal bikes.

We still have those bikes to this day and some of my buddies still can perform stunts on their old BMX bikes. Back during those times, we would be outside often in the brutal heat of the summer. There were numerous times when we would all go into different houses of friends to enjoy the A/C for a little while. Sometimes it would be so hot outside, that we would just stay inside with the cooling A/C and the good air quality while playing video games. We would especially want to take some A/C and drink breaks after we would race each other around the block, and a huge block it was. These days, we all have motorcycles. We love to go cruising all around and when we want A/C breaks, we typically go to the bar where they have a nice ductless mini split. I tell you, a long while back I was skeptical when the owner was talking about upgrading to a ductless mini split, but he was right, that thing is a beast. When I saw the small sized indoor units, I thought there was no way there was any power behind that. The power is in the condenser unit though, and that thing is actually a pretty good size. It’s relatively quiet, but it is extremely powerful. I think one of these days, I will get a ductless mini split installed in my house.


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