Thankful to live in the era of residential HVAC

My granda was always telling me how soft I was.

He did this with a wink and a grin.

The man was such a sweetheart and loved me so much that he could never be really mean to me. But when ever I complained about something, he’d grin at me and point out how soft I was. It didn’t really dawn on me then the perspective he was coming from. It does now. This was a guy who never even had residential HVAC until well into his middle adult life. And that’s the one of the least of the privations he experienced in his life. But just thinking about the fact that he didn’t even experience modern HVAC technology until well into his forties or even early fifties is something. Just considering that gives me pause for thought. The winter wouldn’t have been all that big of a deal. We don’t have much intensity when it comes to winter weather around this part of the country. I’m sure they got my just fine with a wood stove. No, it’s the summer that makes me cringe to think about without the aid of HVAC cooling. There really wasn’t much one could do but let the heat dictate your life. They got up well before sunrise to get their work in. And the heat of the day was spent in the shade with as little movement as possible. Just the hint of a breeze was such a prize. It does make me feel a bit soft as I sit inside my perfectly air conditioned house.

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