It’s indoors with the kids and the HVAC during the summer

Before I had kids, I laughed at the joke that the happiest day of the year for a mom is when the kids go back to school in the fall. Oh, I thought that was so funny. Then I had kids. And I live in a region where it gets broiling hot outside from near noon til the evening. So that means lots of HVAC cooling. And guess where my kids are all summer? Right, they’re inside the air conditioning with me all day. So that old joke about the first day of school is my reality. Honestly, I’m lucky to have a great house with plenty of room. We also have state of the art HVAC equipment that makes cooling the house no problem. I sometimes want to punch my husband as he leaves in the moring for his office. Not only does his office come with its own thermostat but it doesn’t have any of our kids in it. But I mellow myself out and am grateful for the fact that he takes such good care of us. And that goes for making sure we are comfortably HVAC maintained during the high heat of summer. He makes sure we get the air conditioner tune-up from the HVAC professional each spring. And he also does all the monthly HVAC chores like making sure the air filter is changed and there are no air flow obstructions. Plus, he makes sure that when he gets home, I have the chance to get free of the kids for a bit while he makes dinner. But next year, I’m lobbying hard for a pool so I can send the kids out of the house and into the pool.


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