Getting a very long term answer to heating and cooling

I love when I can do something that is both sustainable and convenient as well.

This is not a set of circumstances that comes along all that often. And I never thought I would experience it when it came to heating and cooling. But that’s exactly what has happened in our new home. Normally, when I do something sustainable and good for the earth, I’m usually giving a bit on my part. And that’s fine with me. When it came to HVAC cooling, which is the priority in my region, I always went for max efficiency. My intention on getting the most from the HVAC cooling was twofold. I wanted to save precious resources and do my part for the earth. And I wanted to help hold down heating and cooling costs as well. But with the new house, we have quality heating and air with big time sustainable benefits. Our home is air conditioned and heated using a geothermal heat pump. This is an HVAC unit which uses the near constant temperature of the earth to extract heating and cooling energy. This will save plenty of resources while also saving us a ton of money through the years. And that’s the other most sustainable thing about the new HVAC unit. We can plan on quality heating and air from this HVAC unit for at least 30 plus years if not longer. That’s my idea of that perfect intersection of sustainability and convenience. It’s a rare occurrence but one that I’m truly excited about when it comes to making the most out of our heating and cooling for decades to come.

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