Get ductwork cleaned and checked out prior to HVAC replacement

There tends to be a bit of oversimplified versions of events that go through my head.

I guess that’s somewhat better than always seeing or preparing for the worst in every scenario.

But seeing things in the easiest, most uncomplicated light often results in abrupt reality checks. So when it came time to replace the HVAC unit, I was not looking to get a bad surprise because I wasn’t considering all the facts. When the HVAC technician initially warned us that our heat pump was nearing the end of its life, we took notice for sure. Immediately, we began saving for the new heating and cooling equipment that would replace the old heat pump. But trying to figure out just what sort of model of quality heating and air we wanted proved to be tough. We hadn’t even considered HVAC equipment in 25 years. And let me tell you, HVAC technology has come leaps and bounds in that amount of time. So we leaned on the HVAC professionals at the HVAC company to help us sort out our heating and cooling needs. Plus, the HVAC contractor came out to make sure that everything went smoothly. He suggested that we get the ductwork cleaning and ductwork resealing done prior to the installation of the new heat pump. But the ductwork checked out okay. This is something that is not always the case and ends up being an ugly and expensive surprise for a homeowner. The new HVAC unit is awesome and all the features that come with it are amazing. I’m also very thankful for the HVAC company who made this whole thing very approachable with no bad surprises lurking.

Ductless heat pump

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