Fired up the air conditioning and failed

There is no question that I’m lucky to have a great house, a great job and a wonderful family to share it all with.

  • But I sure need to do a better job of taking care of some of the household stuff.

I have been bad about not doing my HVAC chores around the house. The heat pump can end up going months without a new HVAC air filter. This is behavior that I must correct. Additionally, I have been really terrible about making sure the heating and cooling equipment get the HVAC maintenance attention they need. It’s not that I’m trying to save money on heating and cooling cost by avoiding HVAC service. That’s not it at all. I wish I could blame it on at least a reason, even a dumb one like that. HVAC service and maintenance is essential to the health and efficiency of the heating and cooling equipment. I know this so that’s not an excuse of any kind. No, I just let the HVAC maintenance fall through the cracks really. And it bit me this spring when I fired up the air conditioner. The HVAC cooling came on and there was definitely cooling comfort. But that only lasted a few days before the air conditioner stopped cooling the house. I had the HVAC technician come out to have a look. He was able to fix it but it cost me. And he told me that the cause of my HVAC repair would have been easily caught and mitigated during normal HVAC maintenance. So now, I have signed up for the HVAC service plan the HVAC company offers.

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