Disaster of HVAC repair

All I have to say is that after this month if I don’t divorce my wife she is a lucky woman. I want to start off this by saying that I love my wife and we have a wonderful marriage and wonderful children, but she is really starting to drive me crazy. My wife thinks that she doesn’t need to call professionals to work on our home because she should be able to fix any issue we have by herself. Well that is a noble thing to think, it is just not correct. My wife has broken too many things around the house for me to believe her anymore. Now she is taking it upon herself to repair our heating and cooling system. I walked into the house last week and noticed there were parts and pieces of the HVAC system all around the house. I tried to not immediately start yelling at my wife because I know her heart was in a good place, but if I have to pay more money for An HVAC company to come out to my house and fix the issues that my wife calls because she was too lazy to call the HVAC company in the first place I am going to be extremely upset. My wife does not know all of the pressure she puts on me to fix things after he has ruined them. This HVAC disaster is going to drive me off a cliff.

Heating repair

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