Traveling makes workouts a necessity

For my job, I am required to do a great deal of traveling. I sometimes think I spend more nights in hotel beds than sleeping at home. I constantly drive rental cars and eat at restaurants. I spend way too many hours waiting in airport terminals and sitting at work conferences. Despite the stress, I like traveling. I have the opportunity to visit all different areas of the country and continually meet new people. However, this lifestyle could easily lead to unhealthy habits. I’ve needed to be dedicated to keeping fit and healthy. I attempt to stay at hotels that include a fitness center. I put in long hours on the job, so I often need to tackle my workout especially early in the afternoon or late at night. It’s convenient to have 24/7 access to a gym. The majority of hotel fitness centers provide little beyond a treadmill, stationary bike and barely enough space to sit down and stretch. When the hotels don’t offer a gym, I always have a jump rope, resistance bands and a yoga mat packed. Even with very limited space, I can manage to work up a sweat, raise my heart rate and get a decent workout. Sometimes, if I’m in a nicer area and the weather allows, I’ll go for a run. No matter what, I make sure to always get a good stretch. I because it helps to prevent soreness and stiffness. I have become really conscientious about my diet. I take the opportunity to shop at a grocery store when I arrive at every location. I purchase healthy foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables. When I go out to restaurants, I usually order salads and ask for the dressing on the side.

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