My HVAC ended up failing

It wasn’t until last year that I really started to believe in premonitions, I had an experience that I will soon not forget.

It was because I was having a recurring dream every single night for the last week.

It always started out the same, I was sitting in the middle of the living room staring at nothing and then as if I abruptly became aware I was there I walked into my kitchen and poured myself a glass of water. It was then that I would feel myself starting to heat up and sweat would begin beading up on our forehead. I swiftly drank the cold water in an attempt to cool myself down even though I could feel the temperature rising, however then I heard the sound of my a/c struggling to turn on before it ultimately made a crashing sound. I ran outside desperate to get out of the heat only to find it was dark out and the whole outdoors was clouded in a foggy mist. I ran through the fog even though I could hardly see. I then heard something chasing me and when I looked behind me I saw the shadow of another person. Then I woke up. When I evaluated my HVAC component it was still working. One month later however I had gone to get some water when I started covered in sweat, the house seemed hotter than usual. When I looked at our thermostat I saw my A/C wasn’t working. I realized this is exactly what happened in my dream. I had already called out a heating and air conditioning specialist and I went outside to get some cool air. It was a foggy night and someone started chasing me. I saw their shadow before I heard someone yell “wait it’s the HVAC guy, I’m here to maintain your A/C”!

Space heater

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