Kept up with the HVAC maintenance in tough year

I think most of us are eager to get back to some sense of normalized reality when it comes to this Covid situation. The past year has been traumatic for all of us, some much more than others. Still, I know that for our household, there was a lot of stress and plenty of time spent together in the air conditioning of our home. There was stress over getting the virus as my wife is immunocompromised. So the rest of us had to be so careful and do everything we possibly could in order to keep from getting infected. We were also really stressed when it came to money. Since we were working from inside our HVAC maintained house, we were taking pay cuts just to keep our jobs. This led us to having to make a lot of tough choices when it came to our spending. It wasn’t too long after the whole pandemic started that we faced and HVAC maintenance question. Should we spend our money to have the HVAC technician come out to do the normal air conditioner tune-up? It was a chunk of change that we could surely use in other areas of our household spending. It was not an easy decision as we had joined the HVAC service plan years ago. We did this when we had the HVAC equipment replaced and since then, we’ve never missed an HVAC maintenance appointment. Finally, we decided to spend on the HVAC service plan because we were convinced that our salary situation was temporary. And HVAC maintenance needs to be consistent or just don’t do it.

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