Just need to make a decision about the HVAC already

I really, really don’t like being so totally indecisive. This is something that has plagued me for my entire life. Just choosing something from the ice cream truck was so tough when I was like 6 years old. So trying to decide just what to do with my HVAC equipment has not been at all easy. My heat pump and all that heating and cooling equipment is over 20 years old. We have been in an HVAC service plan since we bought the house and the HVAC equipment was fairly new. For sure, the HVAC maintenance has led to us having great heating and cooling for all of this time. We’ve never had any sort of major breakdown in all that time. But while the HVAC technician won’t really go on the record about how much time the heat pump has left, he hints at it. The best I can get out of him are the signs I’ll see when the heat pump is truly about to give out. So I’ve been watching for utility cost spikes and the heat pump running all the time. And then there is the chance that my wife and I could sell the house. This too has an impact. For sure we would be replacing the HVAC equipment if we chose to put the house on the market. That would be one of the primary upgrades for the house if we choose to go that route. Like I said, I just simply need to pull the trigger and make a decision. I’m leaning toward simply calling the HVAC company to start the process of getting a new heat pump.

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