I was able to learn how to make wood furniture

After both of my parents went to jail, I moved in with Uncle Todd.

  • He was a crazy old man, however a fantastic hearted one.

He easily did his best to take care of me! The thing about Uncle Todd was that he didn’t know so much about kids. I was 12 at the time, and genuinely fantastic at taking care of myself, so the two of us ended up getting along rather well. When I was 14, he told me straight up that by age 18 I needed to have a really good career. He had an excellent opportunity to make me his apprentice for his custom built furniture business. It seemed like too much work at the time for very little. In teaching me how to craft the finest hand made wooden tables and chairs, he wasn’t giving me cash at all, he was giving me in essence a college education in woodworking. If I was able to put in the time, and that meant years not months, then I would be able to have all the skills to custom make high end furniture, a skill set genuinely few people have these days. We started with everything being straightforward, with a Coffee table, because there were a large amount of flat planes on it. Wooden chairs and table legs in particular were far more challenging, however over time I started to get fantastic at woodworking. Twenty years after that, I specialize in oak furniture and cherry furniture depending on the season. True to his word, but he couldn’t send me to college. He offered me a very solid education though, and I make a pretty fantastic living with handmade furniture.

Rustic meets traditional

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