Grout lines are badly stained, going to need a professional grout cleaner

I had one situation where the rubber coating wouldn’t come off the tile grout

It’s time consuming being a landlord. I was swooned into becoming a real estate contractor with the promise of riches and endless success, but it has been a burden more than anything else. I’m always fixing one issue at one property before a tenant at a different property calls me with a separate problem altogether. I could always hire a property management business to watch my rental properties for me, however that would cut into my profits considerably. Half of the battle is repairing the units for new tenants after the previous ones move out. There’s a lot of cleaning and maintenance tasks that need to be done. Although I have since hired a commercial cleaning business to help me with these cleaning tasks in between old and new renters, they can’t do everything. If the tile grout on the floor is severely dirty and stained, their cleaning products cannot repair the problem. All of the scrubbing in the world won’t remove those stains if they’ve been set-in for years. I have to call a grout floor cleaning service nearly every time I have a renter moving out of one of my units. They wear their shoes indoors and track in dirt that gets stepped on repeatedly. They also don’t realize that the black rubber on the soles of their shoes comes off and stains the grout as well. I had one situation where the rubber coating wouldn’t come off the tile grout. The grout floor cleaning service had to paint over the stains and it wasn’t the best looking floor afterward.

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