Unhappy with my technician

Last month, I was having some big troubles with my furnace.

I called the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier and told them about the noises and lack of heating. They said they had no openings for a couple weeks, however when they had an opening, they would me back. Every time the phone rang, I ran to answer it. I didn’t want to miss the phone call from the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier. It was nearly a week before I heard anything back from them. They wanted to set up an appointment for the following morning. I had no issue with taking the appointment. I worked from home because of the pandemic. I could be there at any time when they may have an appointment open. When I finally got a Heating and Air Conditioning tech to my house, she took one look at the furnace and told me it would only take a little while to get the furnace repaired. A little later, she was still working on the furnace and she couldn’t even tell me what was wrong with it. I went downstairs to see if there was something I could do to help, and she was resting on a bucket eating her supper. I couldn’t help but to stare. I wanted to know what she was doing. She wasn’t working on the furnace, and also, it didn’t look like she hadn’t even taken it apart. I called the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier while I was still resting on the stairs. They told me to stay where I was and they would send out another Heating and Air Conditioning professional to repair the furnace.



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