This heater is broken and that is going to be a problem for me

The winter months are my absolute favorite.

  • Living in a warm climate, I get tired of the unbearable heat that plagues my area for most of the year.

For the three months when winter arrives, I am in pure paradise. I spend the majority of my time outside, enjoying a brisk run, bike ride or hike in the nearby park. In the summer months, I’m usually cooped up inside of my home sitting as close as I can to an air vent to feel some cool air conditioning. At the same time, there are some nights where things can get a bit chilly. At these times, I am so grateful for my heater, which I couldn’t live without during those especially cold nights. Since I do live in a hot place, I don’t use my heater for the majority of the year, which is both a blessing and a curse. It’s great that I can save money by not having to crank my heat up during most of the winter, but not using it often means there is a higher chance of the heater facing problems in the winter. For instance, last winter, after not having used my heater for 9 months, the unit suddenly wouldn’t function, having run into a complex mechanical issue. I had to call up a local HVAC technician to come in and take a look. The issue took a week to solve, in which I had to sleepover at a friend’s place. Needless to say, my heater is great when functioning!


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