It was just a broken down hunk of junk..

I had always used a window cooling system unit in our house.

I didn’t feel the need to have a central cooling system. With only 2 window a/c units, I could cool our entire home down. I had 1 single floor ranch home that only needed an AC component in the back room in addition to a small one in the front. I have an a/c in our kitchen, however that doesn’t really count. My sister kept talking about how much cooler our home would become if I had a central cooling system. I didn’t want to change our mode of cooling, although she was really quite persistent. I finally agreed to look at the ‘new’ central cooling system her wife had been selling. I told our wife that even if all of us weren’t planning on buying the AC unit, I still was curious to go look at it. I thought this would get our sister off our back; My wife hesitantly agreed to go with myself and others to check out the proposal that our sibling-in-law was trying to sell. The following Wednesday, our wife in addition to that, I went to her house. Both of us wasted a bit of time just talking in addition to enjoyable when her wife raised the subject all of us were trying to ignore. I understood she was selling AC units, but she was also too pushy. I was quite proud of our wife when she looked at the cooling system unit. It was a used unit, and that was quite obvious. It looked love someone had literally dragged it through the dirt and mud. My wife bit her lip when she looked at me. She said that she felt it wasn’t necessary to have a central cooling system, so she was going to pass right now.



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