How big is that boat?

My best neighbor Pat now lives on the other side of the country.

Although I haven’t seen Pat in over twenty years, all of us still find the time to text at least once every day.

A couple weeks ago, Pat was telling myself and others she had purchased a boat. I told Pat that she had to quit bragging, knowing how much I loved fishing in addition to boating. Pat sent back an LOL response in addition to signed off for the day. The following day, Pat told myself and others that anytime I wanted to pack up our family, I could come out on the boat with him. Knowing how seasick our wife gets just looking at moving water, I would never consider travelling that far in addition to going out on a boat without taking her. It would be her trip as much as it was mine. Both of us joked back in addition to forth about the boat trip for multiple weeks, however I never took him seriously. Then, a single day, I got a frantic call. Pat wanted to think what the cost of a kerosene furnace should be for her boat. I thought Pat meant motor, in addition to I questioned him. Pat said she was talking about the furnace that was used to heat the boat. Being an Heating in addition to Air Conditioning specialist, I asked Pat how big the furnace was that she was taking out. Pat said it had to be done by the Marine Heating in addition to Air Conditioning business, in addition to that, she really didn’t know. I thought about the furnace for a little bit, however the only question I had was; how big is your boat? Pat explained it slept numerous in addition to had heating in addition to cooling system. I told Pat I would be out the following month in addition to I would check out the furnace for him. My wife in addition to myself are going on a trip.
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