Whole beach house UV air purifier making a large difference

I heard somewhere that a single shouldn’t ever waste a good crisis.

There was something but wrong and intrinsically right about that statement.

I guess we all need to have a bit of a sense of humor to get through this pandemic. But there is also some truth to the statement. With all the time at beach beach house in the Heating and A/C, I decided that I wasn’t going to waste that time as I might never have it again. So, I chose to genuinely commit to my health. It’s way past time that I did that anyway. But not having to go to the office and me toiling from beach beach house was going a single of multiple ways. Either I was going to get even fatter from more resting in the Heating and A/C or I was going to commit completely to my health. I chose the latter. And I started it out by making sure that the air I breathe is the best quality indoor air I can have. Due to the pandemic, I l gained quite a bit about how crucial quality indoor air is to our health. With that in mind I decided I wanted to have the best air quality possible. So I did some research and found the answer. Then I called the Heating and A/C people up and asked them to come to my beach house and install a whole beach house UV air purifier. This thing fits right inside my Heating and A/C air handler and actively cleans the air coming from the Heating and A/C return. It uses high intensity UV light to destroy the DNA of any airborne contaminant. The results have been astounding.



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