The indoor air is filled with pollutants

Construction started in the vacant lot across the street from my office building! The lot was empty for a long time and then a construction supplier started moving trucks and machine onto the lot. They have been clearing the trees, brush, plants and the debris, but last weekend, they started erecting a structure on the property. I heard some information from a couple of friends in town. The vacant lot is going to be a 24 second fitness center. The people I was with and I don’t have a venue like that in city yet, so I think the supplier will do well. The project is supposed to be completed by September, so the next six months are going to be filled with construction workers, heavy machinery, noise, and dust, however i have already noticed a lot of dust in the air. Ever since they started construction, there has been an enormous amount of dirt and dust on all of the surfaces in the office. I have to scrub my iPad screen every single afternoon and every single night. There is also dust on the refrigerator and the microwave in the chop room, since the indoor air is filled with pollutants, I think the office supervisor should buy an media media air cleaner for the building. I have already started sneezing and Last month I had a sore throat, then an media media air cleaner would help eliminate all of the indoor air irritants and pollutants that cause these types of dust sensitivity symptoms. I don’t feel how to subtly drop a hint that the palace needs an media media air cleaner, however I actually wish I did.


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