I wanted to buy a smart thermostat, but we settled for a programmable machine

When the house thermostat stopped working, my husband and I went to the hardware store to find something new.

Neither one of us ever purchased a thermostat and we were very shocked and surprised by all of the options.

We talked to the sales clerk about different types of thermostats. My husband and I plan to get a basic thermostat, but we found out that there were more than a hundred different thermostat styles available including smart and programmable machines. When I heard about smart thermostats, I asked a lot of questions. After all, I knew a lot of information about smartphones and smart houses. A smart thermostat is an actually interesting machine. The smart thermostat learns your routine and automatically adjusts the indoor temperatures. A programmable thermostat can also be adjusted, but the individual homeowner has to program a different temperature schedule in order to change the temperature. My husband really wanted a programmable machine, but I thought it would be fun and neat to have a smart thermostat. The two of us discussed our options for several minutes before I gave in and agreed to buy a programmable thermostat. My husband thought the smart thermostat might be too advanced for us to use, but I was prepared to spend all day figuring it out. We have had the new programmable thermostat for six months gnd I think we save about twenty percent each month on our heating bills, just because we don’t heat or cool the house all day when no one is home. That alone is worth the cost of the updated thermostat.
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