The antibiotic has our stomach in knots all morning and night

My friends and I went out of the country for 2 weeks on vacation, however we went to a tropical island location and the two of us ended up renting some dune buggies so the two of us could drive around in the jungle.

My friends and I were in the jungle all morning.

We had a appealing time in the woods and the two of us barely had any rules or supervision… I did not realize that I got bit by something during the jungle that morning. In fact, I did not realize there was a problem until three weeks after I returned lake house from the trip. I had a truly big abscess on the back of our leg and I went to the emergency room, then the nurse told myself and others that I was suffering from an infection due to the bike. I spent a month in the hospital on IV antibiotics. When I came lake house from the hospital, the nurse gave myself and others more antibiotics to take every morning. The nurse told myself and others that I will have to continue to take the antibiotics for the next six months. Those drugs are making our stomach truly annoyed. My stomach is in knots all morning and night and it is truly difficult to get our job done while the two of us were in the morning. I labor in the busy industry of Heating and Air Conditioning repair. I labor for a commercial and Industrial Heating and Air Conditioning repair dealer and I am consistently busy 5 afternoons a week. I don’t have time to slow down to use the bathroom, and unluckyly, I have been forced to find the time thanks to all of the antibiotics in our system. I can barely make it through an A/C tune-up before I have to leave and use the bathroom.

a/c workman

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