Enjoying the bike path nearby

I recently found out that the house I bought sits right next to a bike path.

The bike path is paved, surrounded by trees, away from traffic and spans miles and miles.

I had not ridden a bike since I was ten years old, but felt I needed to get back at it. As a kid I loved riding my bike at the elementary school and around my driveway. As an adult I am way more cautious and afraid. I invested in a much better bike that changes gears, has a kickstand, water bottle mount, phone holder and a basket. I am ready to really get a good workout in. I can have hands free music, easy access to water and carry my sweat towel, jump rope and yoga mat comfortably. I found that halfway into the bike path there is a soccer field with a drinking fountain and a bathroom. I use that point to take out my mat and stretch. I then jump rope for a bit before hopping back on the bike and going home. I really am liking this type of work out. I have been talking to my husband about biking until I can’t anymore. I want to see how far my legs could take it. Once I was done I would call my husband to come pick me up. I can feel myself getting more conditioned to riding and I have even thought about doing some off road riding. My tires can go on sand, dirt and gravel. It could be a way to change up the routine.


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